How much do hearing aids cost in Toronto?


If you’ve experienced challenges while trying to find hearing aid prices online or encountered difficulties obtaining pricing information over the phone when reaching out to clinics, you’re not alone. The hearing aid industry has made it very difficult for the patient to access this information, preferring patients to visit their clinics in person.


At Owl Hearing, we firmly believe in promoting clear and transparent pricing. We see this as essential for building trust, educating consumers, and ensuring better accessibility to hearing aids in Toronto for all.

Average Hearing Aid Technology and Pricing

Let’s break down the typical cost of hearing aids at an average hearing clinic in Toronto. These prices are per hearing aid and may vary based on the technology level. At Owl Hearing Clinic, we take pride in offering the best value in premium technology -making our prices more competitive than your average clinic.

Essential Level Hearing Aids

Essential level hearing aids are the most budget-friendly option, suitable for individuals spending most of their time at home or in quiet environments. They excel in relatively quiet environments but provide some assistance in noisy situations.  For individuals that require hearing aids for social gatherings and activities, this hearing aid technology may not work ideally in all situations.

Our competitors average prices at $2,250 per device, these hearing aids offer an affordable solution. ($1,750 with OHIP eligible coverage)

Advanced Level Hearing Aids

Advanced level hearing aids are a great value choice, delivering excellent sound quality and improved performance in noisy settings. This is a good option for someone who is often communicating at small family gatherings or participating in activities with moderate background noise.  Some advanced level hearing aids will include a remote control or other accessory. Ideal for those facing background noise challenges.

Our competitors on average price these hearing aids at $3,250 per device. ($2,750 with OHIP eligible coverage).

Premium Level Hearing Aids

Premium level hearing aids represent the pinnacle of technology, offering superior sound quality and versatility.  They excel in dynamic environments, including background noise, wind, and in-car situations.  They provide the highest clarity and the most natural sound quality. Most premium hearing aids will include an accessory such as a remote control, TV streamer, or phone device.

Our competitors price premium hearing aids on average at $3,750.  ($3,250 with OHIP eligible coverage)

Compare our hearing aid pricing

At Owl Hearing Clinic, we believe in clear, transparent pricing. We list our prices upfront, so you can easily compare and discover the perfect hearing solution for you.

We have a one price policy for all brands and styles-  there are no extra costs or hidden fees.

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Clear, Transparent Pricing

While hearing aid manufacturers restrict us from showing specific model prices online, we’re here to make it simple for you. We carry every 2024 model from all the top brands. If you have a particular brand, model, and technology level in mind, just get in touch with us for an instant quote—no need for an appointment. We’re here to make the process as easy as possible for you. An informed patient is the best consumer.

Essential Hearing Aids (each)

OUR PRICE: $1,100*
Monthly Payments: $55 for 24 months

+competitor’s average price at $1,750

Advanced Hearing Aids (each)

OUR PRICE: $2,450*
Monthly Payments: $115 for 24 months

+competitor’s average price at $2,750

Premium Hearing Aids (each)

OUR PRICE: $2,750*
Monthly Payments: $125 for 24 months

+competitor’s average price at $3,250

*prices shown after OHIP eligible coverage. Includes hearing aid, charger, programming, 3 year warranty, and total care service.

Discover the best Hearing Aids in Toronto

Here at Owl Hearing Clinic, we proudly offer some of the best hearing aids in Toronto. We believe in demystifying the hearing aid selection process, ensuring you have accurate information to make the right choice for your unique circumstances. Our dedicated audiologist will collaborate closely with you to determine your specific needs and preferences.


As a dedicated hearing clinic, we consider seven crucial factors when recommending the most suitable hearing aid for you:

  • Your degree of hearing loss
  • Your ability to understand speech in noise
  • Your lifestyle needs
  • Your style preference
  • Your desire to control your hearing aids
  • Your need for wireless connectivity
  • Your budget


Following our comprehensive evaluation process, our audiologist will guide you towards the ideal hearing aid option tailored to your unique needs. To ensure we provide the best solution for your hearing loss and communication needs, regular hearing tests are essential so that the hearing aids can be reprogrammed regularly for long-term investment.


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Hearing Aid Brands

We offer 2024 technology models from all of the top manufacturers

Understanding the Cost of Hearing Aid Styles and Types

Hearing aids come in various shapes and sizes, but did you know that the physical size of the device doesn’t impact the price? Much like a computer, the cost of hearing aids is primarily influenced by the technology inside the device.

In our hearing aids price guide, you’ll gain insights into the pricing of different models. It’s important to note that while smaller hearing aids offer a sleek design, they may have trade-offs in terms of:

  • Battery life
  • Wireless connectivity, such as Bluetooth streaming
  • Advanced hearing aid features


Interestingly, the style of the hearing aid does not directly affect the cost. For instance, a premium invisible in-the-ear hearing aid typically falls within the same price range as a premium behind-the-ear hearing aid. To explore the full spectrum of options available, please visit our hearing aid types page for a comprehensive overview.

Understanding the Factors Behind Hearing Aid Selection and Price of hearing aids

In the realm of hearing aids, several key factors come into play when determining the most suitable prescription and the associated price. These factors collectively ensure that your chosen hearing aid aligns with your unique needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Lifestyle Needs

Your age, occupation, and daily routines all play a significant role in selecting the right hearing aid for you. Equally important is the level of hearing loss you currently experience, which serves as a crucial guide in this decision-making process. Different hearing aid styles and features cater to varying degrees of hearing loss, from mild to profound.

Premium Hearing Aids

How you go about your daily life can greatly influence the frequency and effectiveness of your hearing aid usage. Premium hearing aids, equipped with advanced algorithms and features, ensure effortless listening even in noisy environments. If you lead an active life, premium hearing aids are likely to yield the best results. However, those with quieter lifestyles can still experience substantial benefits from hearing aids with advanced or basic technology. Premium hearing aids excel in providing support in noisy settings, deliver a more natural sound quality, and offer the flexibility for further fine-tuning to meet your personal preferences.

Cosmetic Preferences

When selecting a hearing aid, cosmetic preferences play a crucial role in ensuring both comfort and confidence for the user. Today’s hearing aids are not just about functionality; they’re also about style and personal expression. For those seeking discretion, there are compact, in-canal models that are virtually invisible and blend seamlessly with the user’s skin tone or hair color. Opting for smaller hearing devices often means a trade-off: they typically have shorter battery life, require finer dexterity for handling, and offer fewer control features. Additionally, the most compact models may not support some wireless functionalities.

Comfort and Satisfaction

Your chosen hearing aid should prioritize comfort during daily wear. It should seamlessly blend with your cosmetic requirements while ensuring comfort throughout your daily activities. Our dedicated hearing care professionals are here to assist you from the initial selection phase and provide ongoing support and aftercare to guarantee a comfortable hearing aid experience, regardless of your specific needs or budget.


Hearing aids represent an investment in improving your quality of life, and your financial situation is a crucial factor to consider. Understanding your budget is the first step in this journey. To ensure accessibility for all patients, we offer a comprehensive hearing aid price list spanning various ranges. This means you can confidently find a hearing aid that suits your budget and caters to your unique needs. Our offerings range from ‘essential level’ hearing aids to ‘premium level’ options, ensuring that everyone can embark on a path towards better, clearer, and more natural hearing. Furthermore, most Ontario residents will qualify for OHIP – ADP (Assistive Devices Program) funding, designed to reduce costs for individuals with long-term physical disabilities, including hearing aids. Eligibility is based on Ontario residency, a valid Ontario health card, and a hearing loss necessitating hearing aids for at least six months.

Family Centered Care

Effective communication and harmonious family interactions are crucial for a fulfilling life. Hearing difficulties, such as turning the TV volume up to uncomfortable levels, can affect everyone in your household. In such cases, hearing aids that offer wireless connectivity to your can be a valuable addition. Similarly, if phone calls pose challenges, hearing aids that connect to your landline or cell phone can significantly enhance your ability to communicate. Advanced features, including wireless connectivity to smart devices and rechargeability, are designed to make life clearer and more comfortable for individuals with hearing loss. In essence, hearing aids are fundamentally developed to amplify everyday sounds, improve speech comprehension, and instill the confidence needed to engage in conversations and follow dialogues.

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